5.0 Flow

Small Block Ford Cylinder Head Porting

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Ford Racing Infusion

My Nissan gets a Ford Racing infusion with some slick new tricks for the track! Watch for new pictures shortly from this year's first track runs.

TRACK UPDATE: While there were a few problems with a cold track and a strong headwind, the car broke into the 10s at Beaver Springs on September 15th with a quarter mile of 10.95s at 127mph while running out of gearing. The C-4 transmission held up to even more pounding, and was still able to drive the car home. Over the winter I'll be looking at a new cam, as this one has reached its limit. I'll need a cage, five-point saftey harnesses, and a flame-retardant jacket to run at the track again. I've already lowered the rear to gain more traction.

Sadly, my Nissan was involved in an accident last winter, but it only pushed me to work on it more. After a stop to the paint shed this winter, it should be back to its former color. However, it won't be the same car. I may add some body changes to help cover over new wheels and tires with wider fenders. I've also added a spoiler, and made changes to the engine and gauges. If I break the transmission on the way down the track as I suspect, we'll see a transmission upgrade, and with the times I expect, I'll need some saftey upgrades to the interior before I can visit the test and tune again. Please note, this car runs on 93 octane and is completely street legal.

In the meantime, here's some older pictures of my Nissan 240SX with a Ford 5.0 engine straight out of the junkyard from a Grand Marquis. Other than head porting, the engine has not been rebuilt or changed, and came with 156,000 miles.

Here's some engine bay shots, where you can see the Ford 5.0 and my custom turbo installation. Notice the butterfly cutout in the hood from a previous style of turbo I had installed.

Here, a peek at the fuelsump and my custom three-link suspension.

The interior has a few new gauges in custom mounts.

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