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Small Block Ford Cylinder Head Porting

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92 Mustang LX Customization

A new Mustang to work on!

I picked up this 1992 mustang LX 2.3 for $1000.00. It has new tires on 15", ten-hole wheels, a new radiator, a new alternator, and a new transmission. I found a 3.73 trac lock disc brake rear to install for $250.00.

I plan to put a twin turbo 2.3 setup in. A turbo coupe EFI intake I have will convert it to a blowthrough carb, but the cylinder heads I have are not the correct D- port to match it. I opted to fabricate one from 304 stainless steel, a 1/2" carb spacer, a mercury mountaineer plenum elbow, and flanges made from scrap steel. The header is also hand built 304 stainless steel and attaches to the two AUDI A4 or VW Passat K03 turbochargers that cost me $120.00. It will be twin intercooled with the coolers submerged in an ice water box to lower the intake temperatures even further. The coolers are from an A4 and an S4 and cost me $20.00. The carb will be self-modded for blowthrough and the ignition will be run from a distributor, as the coil packs and computer will be removed. The transmission will be a c4 with a manual valvebody and decent convertor.

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