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1966 Mustang Fastback

This classic Mustang is a daily driver owned by a close friend. It was grounded after a bad winter, and needed some restoration work. He kept it as a daily driver and wanted to make it safer to drive while keeping it in classic shape.

Amazingly, the car seemed to be in very good shape, even after sitting for three years. With a little work puzzling over the electrical system ending in a new alternator, starter, and battery, the car finally turned over and ran rather well. It was more than enough to get it loaded onto a trailer and towed from Philadelphia back to Hipp's Trucking and Excavation in State College, where I had access to a lift.

My friend wanted to help restore the car, and together we made a list of all the things he wanted to upgrade. His classic needed all the rust cleaned out, new suspension, a disc brake upgrade, an electrical system check, and an engine overhaul. As with many restoration projects, this list soon expanded as we found more things we wanted to improve.

The first part of the project was to clean all the rust from the body of the car. There were a lot of rough edges.

The "minor" hole in the front passenger side of the frame was a priority.

More repairs were needed at the rear passenger side frame rail as well.

The front took a lot of grinding. At first my client looked a little worried about cutting his classic Mustang, but soon I had him at work.

While were were under there, we took a look at the terrible exhaust that was cobbled together. We'll take a look later at some of the upgrades I installed, but here's a sneak preview.

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